Own logo always visible at start

Is  there a possibility to show always my own company logo at the startup of djay pro 2? I can enclose my own logo, but every time I start the djay pro 2, I have to go to the TV icon, and choose it from the picture list manually. I have seen, that all images (also the two default logos) are in the djay Media Library, when I do a double click “show packet content”-> VideoImageEffects. Is there a possiblity to add som xml code on some file (for example, VideoImageEffects.plist), to put it always visible every time the app is started? Or there is in your next update something related to that? Thank you for your feedback and time.


We added storing the last selected Logo as a feature request.

Thank you for sharing.


Lukas E.

No you cant that’s is called logo infringement
The djay pro logo is a registered trade mark you can not tamper with or change or sell or remove it from its entity or origin it’s belongs to the app and algoriddim company

I think you didn’t understand My question. Sorry if I’m not english spoken user. I don’t want to do anything infringement.

to be clear: when I say at the beggining, i’m refer to put the logo in the video modus at the beginning, not to choose every time from the image list