Pad Pro iOS 13 - iPad OS and DDJ SB2

Hi all
After updating my iPad pro to iOS 13, my Pioneer DDJ SB2 is not working anymore and when i try to use it on my Mac it’s working well.
I am on Djay Pro for iOs .

Thanks for help

Was this ever fixed ?

As the SB2 is listed as a supported controller

The app is detecting it, the faders are moving on app when i move them on my controller but no sound and all the tablet is buggy (verry slow …) when i try another controller like Hercule Instinct all is working . And my DDj SB2 is working fine on my Mac . I think that the issue comes from iOS 13 & Pioneer . i asked my question on this forum to see if someone else have the same problem and if you have a solution :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help

Not yet for me. I am waiting for iPados 14 to check if it will work again…

How do you have everything connected? Is the app detecting it at all?