Parallel Waveforms Aren't Really Parallel Anymore

Djay Pro’s waveform view appears to have taken a huge step backwards with the latest update.

It used to be that changing the tempo of a song with the pitch fader shrunk or stretched the waveform/beatgrid while keeping the scroll speed the same, but now it speeds up/slows it down with no stretching.

This stretching meant that if two songs were originally at different tempos but one was adjusted to bring them to the same BPM, all of the beat markers would line up perfectly, making it easy to quickly pitch-bend them into a perfect beatmatch.

Now, the only way to visually tell if two songs are beatmatched is to see if the two beat lines are colinear right at the instant that they pass the red playhead marker, which is much harder to do.

I really don’t understand why this change was made - this is a huge step back that makes DJing with Djay Pro way more difficult than it needs to be.

I don’t see any options in the settings to change it back - is this a glitch? The mobile version (Djay 2) still appears to have the much better stretching waveforms.


This needs to be fixed!! It’s driving me crazy.

It makes the software basically unusable. This latest release is a major dip in QA testing.

Spotify integration is the only thing keeping me using it. Instead of building a useless watch app, they need to focus on the product they’re calling “pro”…

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Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks for letting me know. When do you estimate that version 1.1.4 will be released? Based on the release notes, it seems like each 0.0.1 update has occurred roughly every month, and each 0.1 update has occurred every 4 months or so.

In the meantime, is there any way to roll back to Version 1.1.3? I’d like to record a mix this weekend, and I can’t really use the software if the beatgrids aren’t working properly.

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This is definitely a major issue that deserves an immediate update, patch, fix, whatever you want to call it.

It’s actually caused me to look into traktor and other options because I have several gigs lined up for the next two weeks and I’m not trying to do them all off an iPad.

Any idea on when this will be fixed???

I have been using an iPad and controller recently and it honestly is showing it’s shortcomings when compared to using a laptop. It’s been over a month now and no patch has been issued to fix this MAJOR QA oversight.

Please fix this ASAP, a few of my friends who used djay pro have since switched to Serato and Traktor and I feel like I am about to do the same, I just really appreciated the spotify integration of djay pro in comparison to those two other softwares.

Thanks a lot for this post, Ryan. The problem will be fixed with the next update.
We kindly ask for your patience until then.