Partially fixed a bug of the "broken song names"


macOS: 10.15.6
djaypro: 2.2.6

My old report

seems to be fixed.

BUT… This isn’t actually full fix.

So in summer I added those songs to my local library and to a playlist there.

Now when I go to my library and look up the playlist, the long mix names aren’t updated to my library.

So next step was that I drag and drop the songs again:

The result isn’t what I wanted to be.
Now the song is on my playlist and on my library, but the thing is…
It’s twice there.

And now I need to redo my analyis for the new files, which have correct mix names included and I need to redo my cue points as well.

Please fix?
Why you just can’t read the changed metadata from Tidal?
As if I use the “show in tidal” it can go to the correct track to show the song info including the long correct name.

The simplified solution:

  • delete the old playlist
  • reimport the playlist from Tidal

it should work and hopefully it won’t mess up beatgrids, cue points etc,…