Party usage report

It was my twin boys’ 6th birthday party yesterday. Hired a local community hall for the afternoon, and got the ultra-portable soundsystem fired up:

  • iPad Air w/ Djay Pro AI
  • Numark DJ2Go2 Touch
  • Wireless mic
  • MakerHart 3ch Mixer
  • 1x Minirig Sub
  • 4x Minirig 3
  • 4x ApeCoin lights
  • Cables, battery packs, etc

Ran completely off-grid, at one point had to move the “DJ booth” so literally put everything on the table, moved it across the room with music still playing, set it down elsewhere :smiley: catered well enough for a party of about 25 kids and maybe 30-odd adults.

Some thoughts

  • Really like how user friendly Djay Pro is. Both of my boys, plus a few other guests, had a go at DJing, found everything quite intuitive bar the crossfader and sync buttons, which isn’t bad really for mostly very young kids who’d never seen or used that sort of equipment before
  • Automix is brilliant. Great being able to cue up a playlist for half an hour or so whilst I go off and help elsewhere
  • Love both slowdown effects (either pressing the play/stop button or turning the deck off). So good for musical bumps/statues/chairs.
  • it’d be nice if the settings kept the plugin from the last time. Since seeing it on here I always use the roughrider 3 compressor plugin so it’d be nice if it remembered that I put that on, even if it was just the default plugin settings (which I use anyway)
  • the kids love the ‘classic’ mode & being able to see the records going round. So do I, to be fair - absolutely see why folk use pro, but I find classic just to fit my mental model better & I’m not such a technical DJ that I need 3 or 4 decks ever!
  • Setup/teardown has become quicker since organising my cables better - have each type of cable in a separate bag, so it’s literally just a case of reaching in to the appropriate bag, picking out the first cable without even really needing to look at what it is.
  • Minirig + Djay Pro really is a cracking combo, really modular system that gives a lightweight functioning DJ rig for small events (I literally carried decks, soundsystem, lighting, power source, and food for 40-odd people on foot, by myself, whilst holding one of my kids’ hand. Just about)
  • being able to use Tidal was really useful for dealing with ad-hoc requests
  • most of all, all the kids had a great time & the ones who tried Djay Pro really liked it. Most tried it out without supervision, which I liked. Just let them run with their curiosity! A couple tried scratching in it, which was a bit ropey … but great that they were able to try it out. They found track selection fairly easy/intuitive. Crossfader took a little longer (why can’t I hear this song type of things) but as soon as they figured it out they were ok. The ones who were closer to my daughter’s age (9ish) had pretty much got the basics sorted quickly, think my little girl could probably be taught to beat match on there but she’s just not in to dance music at all!

And this is why Djay is the future yes, it has some bugs from time to time but, this is the future


i have a short event next weekend where I’ll be using my iPad Air with DJay Pro and my Rev-1. I’m hoping to have equally successful results.


Hi @Algy_Taylor,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with djay in such great detail!

We really appreciate you using our product and providing feedback which we’ve already gone ahead and shared with our engineering team.

Please don’t hesitate to share more info like this in the future and thank you again!