Past purchases lost following update?


I have been using DJay for a number of years on iOS (Ipad) Android (Various phones I’ve had) and Windows,

I recently participated in the Windows Pro Beta.

When the Beta ended I was asked to update and log in and there was a message about being an existing user having a free upgrade (I can’t recall the message, but it was different to the 3 month free trial offer for Beta users).

However, when I went to log in, there was no account found against any of my email addresses. I am not sure whether I ever needed to create one when I purchased the app originally. I have created a log in but there are no previous purchases shown for my account.

Now I have the old “djay Pro 1” application and the new “djay Pro” installed on Windows, the new version has various features disabled and asks me to subscribe every time I go to use some of the advanced features (I can’t even hide all of those features, annoyingly).

So the question is - should my past purchase of DJay for windows show in my account and give me any benefits? Or did I misread the upgrade message and it’s all irrelevant now, I just have to subscribe like any new customer?

(This is the link to the store page for the original App I purchased - £45 in 2019 djay Pro (legacy) - Official app in the Microsoft Store )