Pause/Play Not Working Periodically

Anyone having problems with the second deck (2 deck mode) play button not working periodically? I didn’t have this problem until I updated to 2.1.1 It doesn’t matter if I use my track pad on my 2016 MacBook Pro or mouse. Upon clicking on the left pause/play button, it acts like it’s being clicked on but, won’t play. If I close out of DJay and restart, it cures the problem for a while. I also went as far as reinstalling the software which didn’t help. All I’m doing is simply loading a track without cue points, etc… I sure wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a gig having this issue… I’m sure this is related to software.

Now it has happened with the first deck… 

Any way to revert back to ver. 2.1? Same problem today… Can’t believe this is the only complaint.

Sorry to hear about your problems… Currently, I can’t trust using DJay on a gig.

 I reinstalled DJay a couple times now. As I stated earlier, both decks are giving me the same issue. If I drag the song in the window slightly (a hair), the button works. I.M.O., this is 2.1.1 software related. 

I decided to make a short video of both decks malfunctioning. You will find that the Play/Pause button will not activate when clicked on several times on either deck. Also, as seen on deck 1 the track automatically starts on it’s own by being dragged slightly when the Play/Pause button is malfunctioning which is also periodic with both decks. In most cases, the Play/Pause button will function if the track is slightly (a hair) moved. This issue never happened with version 2.1


We are sorry to hear about this issue and are happy that you are sharing it with us.

Are you using an external device besides djay?

Also have you checked your Start Time setting in the djay General Settings?

Well, I think I have some delay issue with my SX2, start/stop/cue/performance pad (hot cues) clicks not working properly ie. sometimes 1-3 beat delay, so pretty hard to mix…

I also have the same problem. However, I am using a pioneer ddj sb2 with Djay pro. I have ensured all the drivers are up to date and also the controller works perfectly with other dj apps such as serato.