Permission to access my iTunes folder

do you know why djay always asks me to click OK in order to access my iTunes folder, it does that every time I load a first song at the beginning of a session?
I don’t want my music to be located in the iTunes folder.

Thanks for any help.

My iTunes library is on an external hard drive, and it doesn’t seem to be accepting the folder when it asks me to press OK.

Starting with djay 4.1, our app is now “sandboxed”. To learn more about sandboxing, please see the following article:…

Basically, you need to allow djay to access your iTunes library and music. djay automatically detects the folder where your iTunes library/music resides. Please simply click on OK when the dialog opens up.

Hi Markus Troxler,

could you tell us which djay version and operating system version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Markus, 

please note that the thread is referring to djay for the Mac.

Regarding your problem with the iOS version, you can not access your files on the external wireless drive via the My files library?…

Lukas E.

I have the same problem. My data are on an external wireless drive (Seagate)

ipad iOS 9.3.2 and djay pro v1.0.3