Persisting loop length

In the latest update it states. “Added persisting of loop length” can someone tell me what this is and how it’s used etc.
It would be good if they provided users with information along with their release notes on how to take advantage of new features.

My guess is when you have your beat set to 8 bars and you hit autoloop, if you halve it and halve it again down to 2 bars, then exit the autoloop, it goes back to 8 bars (persisting!) and does not stay at 2. That was one of my biggest peeves with Serato, after cutting a loop down to 1/32, the next time you go to loop, 2 or 3 songs later you drop a nice zbzbzbzbzbzbzbbzbzbzbbzbzbbzbzbzbzbzbzzbzbz, crap ! loop out! So Stupid! So I ended up sticking with Virtual DJ and scripted my auto loop button to be:
Loop Active ? Loop Out : Autoloop 8
Translation: If there is a loop playing, end it, if not start here at a length of 8 bars.