Personal mappings for DDJ-800

Well since the ddj-800 is not going to be natively supported on the iPad, I was checking to see if anybody had any luck on personal mappings and you see if you could share one, OR, if somebody has a copy of the mapping that goes with the Mac, that would be great. I’m not worried about the screens just as long as it works. Thanks!

DDJ-800 is already mapped for mac…?

I thought I had seen somewhere on a previous post at somebody had mapped it to Mac

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Yes (@snookstas), the DDJ-800 is natively supported on djay Pro 2 for Mac.

The DDJ-800 is not natively supported by djay for iOS due to the controller not being iOS class-compliant. This means that you can have MIDI-control, but the audio (master and pre-cue) won’t work. You can find a full list of natively supported hardware in our FAQ.

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thanks, i sold it anyway lol

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