Phase Tone signal

Im having issues with the phase dj device… By default its usually connected to the line input in the mixer… Pioneer s7 … With this mixer, Phono input seems to be a default setting… It works with djay pro but there is an annoying sound coming from channel 1​:rage::rage::rage:… If you use a computer … Mac book pro… there is a utility softwwar made by pioneer… That changes the tone of the phase to go through the line input… This can solve this problem… I tried reading the manual… You mention this problem as a cd device that is wrongly connected to the phono channel of the mixer… Now in order to solve this … Mixer tone has to be set to line … I dont know if this is your problem or pioneers problem… They need to create a utility program for the mixer so i can change the tone to line by defaul… If you hot swap from laptop to iphone its works… But this is risky and untidy… We definitely need a pionner settings utility to solve this…

Hey @PRO24DJS ,

Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.

From what I understand, Phase DVS uses the standard DVS control tone (1 kHZ control tone), which is supported by djay.

But, when it comes to any other uses of Phase outside of this functionality, we don’t have any more information we can share.


Hello … Its not a phase problem… Definitely a pioneer issue… But im assuming you are in contact with pioneer and they should provide a settings utility for the iphone to select which input should be used to control the dvs signal… for now its by default on the phono line… and for this reason my signal is not good… its too loud.

Hey @PRO24DJS ,

Thanks for the follow-up and clarification.

While we are working directly with Pioneer, you may want to reach out to the Pioneer Support Team directly to discuss this functionality in detail.

It may also be helpful to note that these mixers weren’t originally designed with iOS in mind, but we hope in the future these kinds of setups will become easier to use.


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