Philips Hue / ZigBee lights integration

Would be really nice if Djay App could be connected to Philips Hue / ZigBee type lights in order to simulate DJ lighting and be synced with the music.

What would be even better is if this could be matched with the FX to get for example strobe FX, or special lighting when using the filter and other patterns depending on the transition you make.


I would like the Phillips Hue integration as well. The new Denon’s have that feature already built into their software.

+1 for this, something with the same low latency as the Hue Spotify integration would be amazing.

While I like the idea of product integration there’s another path to be considered. Rather than vendor specific integrations, Algoriddim could consider supporting industry standards like DMX, Midi, OSC. Then as long as there’s a bridge in the network it should be possible to control this.

I have created another post re the question of industry protocol availability in djay PRO AI