Phone apps before professional product updates?

Clearly you are in it for the money. Clearly you are not in business for the professional dj but rather for the bedroom dj.

Android APP for dj’ing on a phone before releasing a PROFESSIONAL DJ Product…Shame on you! It truly shows where your priorities are.

Hi Scott,

As an active participant in our forum, I’m sure you’ve noticed that “djay for Android” was the TOP 1 requested “idea”. We’ve listened to our fans and worked hard on developing djay for Android. Our priorities are and will always be to listen to our fanbase. And yes, that also includes djay for Mac. I’ve already stated multiple times that djay for Mac is under development as well. I understand you’re having some doubts given the time frame that it has taken so far, but it’s a fact that djay for Mac is in for some major overhaul.


How can you say that? We use YOUR product to support our families. We are professionals. And we get to sit back and watch you post post comments for YEARS about a new product only to watch you put out apps for phones and pads.

Those people don’t support their families by using your product. They play around at home in their bedroom. These are TOYS to them.

We are past having doubts. If you take time to visit the dj forums, you will realize that you upset a ton of people today. Many of them are no longer your customers after what you did today.

You do what you want… just remember who got you to where you are. The guys who use your djay for mac software. The ones you just screwed over.

Shame on you… we earn of a living using this software. Putting your toy apps ahead of the pros… bad choice.

Your base users are pulling out in droves. I hope that your decision to work on the top “idea” instead of working on the pro software was worth it to you.

And, it’s the top idea because you have less pro dj’s than you Android users. The comparison is not fair or relative.

Again, how you don’t get it is beyond me.

MC, thank you for agreeing with me but the simple fact is, they could care less.

No, not completely satisfied. I have sent a list of problems to them. If they are addressed quickly, I will be happy. My BIGGEST complaint has been the time it takes to do anything.

While VDJ is pushing out weekly updates, this software puts out updates maybe once a year. If that’s the case, I won’t be around very long.

We shall see.

traktor has a 50% discount sale at this moment :slight_smile:…

Warren, I’m with Scott on this. Why oh why would Algoriddim not even give a hint as to **when** we can see some fruitful updates to the software professional DJs use is beyond me. I understand that the mobile market is fruitful and you guys are breaking ground in this realm. I have no problem with that. But as a professional DJ, I cannot use mobile software for real gigs, so its of no use to me or my fellow pros who DJ for a living.

Essentially, you’re putting that customer base at the bottom of your priority list. No feature list, no dates, no expectations whatsoever. The result is very negative – customers very angrily moving away to something else (and spreading the word). And it will be hard to win those customers back because no one will want to invest in software that isn’t backed by constant support/updates.

All that said, I’m really hoping that you guys turn this around because I personally really like DJay for Mac (even in its old age). However, the lack of some key features together with Algoriddim’s attitude towards moving it forward in a timely manner or with the fervor of how it pushes the “TOY” apps, is forcing me away.

Being as Djay 2 is not a wireless type of system because of latency issues, the lack of support for Spotify on the Mac version is a major problem for me. I like to connect all my usb hardwired various pieces of equipment to my Mac because it is much more convenient and manageable for my current needs. I use my iPhone and IPad wirelessly for business. I enjoy using the Djay2 software and am trying to stay with the product but am severely limited from use of it because of the above mentioned reasons. I get the idea the their bread and butter probably comes from customers who don’t have a clue about what they are doing that use iOS and Android devices with Djay 2, but not supporting the guys that make other people want to buy this software can also limit their customer base as well.
From an X-DJ who brought all of Algoriddim’s products and want to stay with them but really feel like support for Spotify on Djay for Mac is a should be a top priority. A yes or no and or a time frame on when and if this these features will be available would be greatly appreciated. I hope that I am not wasting my time learning a software that I ultimately will be unable to use…

I will say I don’t depend on the DJay software in a professional environment.

So Scott do you still feel the same about the Algoriddim software today as you did 2 months ago? Are you satisfied with all the newly added features in djay pro vs djay? I’m asking from a serious perspective.

well I wouldn’t feel to confident in weekly updates to a application, but I don’t really use virtual dj or Djay everyday. I use serato solely because it sounds and response better to me on that personal level thing. Oh and its widely used in my realm of djing more than any other software, like 1200s or CDJs. Serato releases an update about every two months or so and fixes known issues

VDJ has recently caught my attention and wish they would give me a key to try out their time code myself. I’m not paying for that in no way. I’ve used VDJ off and on through the years, even before there was controllers to control it. I would load up instrumentals on a pc and scratch over it. thats how you do it when you only got 1 1200 and a crate of battle records. 

I’m not even gonna get started on this one!
“We support our families with you software”

Scot you are some piece of work!!!