Pioneer CRSS12 compatibility?


Pioneer have now released the CRSS12 hyprid turntable and just wondering on people’s thoughts regarding compatibility with DJay?

It looks like it would be possible to MIDI map the hot cue buttons etc. but beyond that is it possible the digital output of the turntables would work out of the box?

They say it’s compatible with Rekordbox and Serato via it’s DVS output, but would the same DVS signal output work with DJay’s relatively new DVS implementation?

Any thoughts welcome, as it’s quite a bit to shell out if the digital side of things won’t work and it ends up being a vinyl only turntable.

@actsofblindness I’m not a DVS user myself so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. Also, you might want to have a read through this Algoriddim DVS setup guide for more info.

From my understanding any turntable and any DVS record with the standard 1kHz control tone timecode should work. Also MIDI mapping the hot cue buttons should be easy. As for it working digitally without the control vinyl, tone arm and needle, I’m guessing that will need to be supported internally by Algoriddim.

There’s no digital output from the CRSS12s.

When you use them without needles, they still output a control tone through the phono RCAs. The tone is just generated internally. You can select between Rekordbox or Serato tones.

IIRC you can use Algoriddim DVS today with a Serato control vinyl. Therefore you will also be able to use the CRSS12 in non-needle mode with the Magvel clamp.

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Thanks @nso. I knew someone out there would understand this better than I do.

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@actsofblindness looks like someone has already mapped it:


Thanks for the clarification guys, it’s swung it for me, sadly for my wallet!!

@actsofblindness you’re welcome. Looking forward to hearing how it works out for you.

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