Pioneer DDJ-200 + iPad?

Hi, simple question… new pioneer ddj-200 controller is compatible with ipad’s djay and djay pro? Saw at pioneer’s site a video with a phone and no reference to ipad, so my doubt…

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Yes, the new DDJ-200 is also compatible with djay on iPad out of the box.

Please note that the DDJ-200 is a pure MIDI controller, in that it only allows you to MIDI control the app but does not have a built-in sound card like Mixtour for example. This means you would have to connect your iPad’s audio output to the sound system, e.g. via the headphone jack (using a splitter cable if you want to pre-cue with headphones). If you are using the DDJ-200 via bluetooth you could also attach an external sound card to the iPad and connect that to the club sound system via RCA cable to get multi-channel output.

Please make sure that you install the newest djay version from the App Store for a seamless integration with the DDJ-200. Here is a direct link:…

Please note that the DDJ-200 works with the FREE version of the new djay, so no additional purchase is needed. And you can use the new djay/djay Pro alongside any older versions of djay Pro on both iPad and iPhone, cue points synchronize seamlessly via iCloud.

I hope this helps.

I’d like to apologise about the confusion. Can you please let me know where you got the information from, so I can pass that on and see how to clarify the provided text? We want to make sure this is as clear for our users as possible. Thank you for pointing this out.

Apologies about the delay. Please note that the older versions of djay do not support Bluetooth LE. It is a new features that we’ve added to the new djay on iOS, and it’s available for free to use with the DDJ-200. While we have provided a maintenance update for older versions, we can’t unfortunately provide support for every new controller that comes out for every version of djay that was released in the past. This is clarified on the hardware integration page of djay. I hope you understand and we’d appreciate any further feedback you can provide on how to improve djay. Please feel free to contact our support team directly:

Re: the latest Djay …3.1.5 isnt supporting the DDJ-200 in free mode over Bluetoth LE any more

Can you please try again with the latest version 3.1.6 (free version) and let me know if this works now for you? DDJ-200 needs to be paired via the settings.

Re: Djay Pro 1.0.24 is listing the DJJ-200 as suported

Can you please let me know where you are seeing djay Pro 1.0.24 listing the controller as supported? Is this somewhere in the app or on the web site?

Thank you for clarifying, now I understood what you mean. The natively support MIDI controllers are listed in the panel within the app and the link goes to our hardware page which lists everything from Mac/PC to mobile MIDI integration. It says it’s for the latest version on each platform, apologies if this wasn’t clear to you. We currently only have one page that shows an overview of all supported hardware, not for each app individually.

We have provided DDJ-200 integration in the free version of the new djay, so right now this is the only way to use it on iPad. I hope you can give it a try with the latest version.

Sorry to hear you are disappointed and I still hope you can make use of our free offering for DDJ-200 on your iPad.

Since the forum is for general technical questions, I kindly ask that for further personal inquiries regarding this matter to please contact our support team directly via email:


Thanks David for your reply!
Although I searched, I could not get a response anywhere. How do I connect an RCA cable ( for exemple:… ) to a club sound system?

I have a reloop mixtour connected to my iPad and there isnt any doubts how to do my setup and play… with this controller i can ́t figure out…

Thank you

DDJ-200 is not usable with ipad pro & djay Pro

Algoriddim are listing the DDJ-200 as supported Controler & its not usable on iOS & iPad

Please stopp listing it as supported controler or update DjayPro for iOS to make it work on iOS !!!

its not working ,not over midi & not over bluetooth !

thank you

i talk about Djay Pro iOS 1.0.22 & not Djay (any vers)

i pay for a version wich is listing DDJ-200 as a supported controler & finaly it isnt working in Djay Pro 1.0.22 on my iPad Pro

and please stop telling me which FREE versions of Djay is supporting DDJ-200

i hope you understand me

thank you

i tryed out to myself connecting DDJ-200 with my ipad + Djay Pro 1.0.22 and its not working
not over midi & not over bluetooth

is any update for djay pro on iOS / iPad planed ?

Hello David ,

could you answer my question in my previous post ?

thx in advance


today i updated my djay Pro on ipad to 1.0.24

everything is as before …

whats about to get my money back & stop listing DDJ-200 as supported controler on ipad

David !

than !!!stopp!!! listing it as supported controler on ipad

you talking about Bluetooth LE…

im talking about MIDI… over USB
…because Djay Pro 1.0.24 is listing
the DJJ-200 as suported

& on more thing…

the latest Djay …3.1.5 isnt supporting the DDJ-200 in free mode over Bluetoth LE any more … maybe if someone pays for subscription

me surely not…

the DDJ-200 is listed under MIDI settings - Supported DJ Controllers
…in Djay Pro 1.0.24 & if ones click it…

link to here :

& finaly

…DDJ-200 is not supported…

but it should be supported over midi USB…

according to algoriddim…