Pioneer DDJ-200 - Vinyl Mode

Hi, there is no dedicated button on the DDJ200 controller for Vinyl mode. Within other softwares it can be mapped or a keyboard shortcut can be assigned. Are either of these possible on any of the Apple platforms in Djay Pro AI?

You can MIDI map the Vinyl Mode yourself using the MIDI learn application within djay. It’s pretty easy to use. I would suggest something like Shift + Beat Sync on the DDJ-200 for Vinyl Mode.

To access the MIDI learn in djay on iOS, select round djay logo at the top center of the screen, then the Gear Icon for Settings, then scroll down to MIDI Devices and Select the DDJ-200.

I recommend making a copy of the built-in MIDI mapping in case you mess something up and want to return to the original. To do this, Select the DDJ-200 under MIDI CONFIGURATION and select the blue Edit text at the top right. Select the (built-in) mapping then select Duplicate at the bottom right. Click Done then make sure you select the new MIDI Configuration that you just created.

Now you’re ready to map the Vinyl Mode. On your DDJ-200, hold down the Shift key and press the Deck 1 Beat Sync button or another of your choice on the Deck 1 side of the controller. If this combination is not already mapped to a function, the section to the right under Action should say Not set. If this already has a command you will want to try another button that isn’t already mapped.

Under Target, select Deck 1. Under Action scroll down until you see Toggle Jog Pitch Bend Mode. This is the Vinyl Mode you’re looking for. Now click Save at the top right then Done. Test it out to make sure it works then repeat the same steps for Deck 2.

Here’s some more information on MIDI Mapping in djay:

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