Pioneer DDJ-RB support (similar to DDJ-SB2 ?)

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Every post is gathered in our user request agenda and pushes the implementation of the topic.

Lukas E.

We are generally only providing djay for iOS mappings for native iOS controllers.

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Hey guys,

thank you all for pushing the implementation, please note that we simply can not give estimations, but be aware that I will do my best in order to push the topic internally. All the best and thank you for sharing!

Lukas E.

Hey there,

pushed the topic internally again. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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I hope it is the near future. Every time a user request with that much requests is getting pushed by a new post I tell the developers and be assured, the RB is definitely on a high place of our agenda.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Dear Lukas,

I decided to jump in the deep and order the DDJ-RB. I will try the midi mappings for for the DDJ-SB2, I will let you guys know if i can get it to work. Im really hoping the signals for channel LED’s are same, if I understand correct this is something I cant fix myself in the midi settings ?

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Nope, I honestly connected it and it did not work. Was to lazy to do midi mapping, and couldnt import the SB2 midi file because: i have no clue but importing this midi file with the RB connected is simply impossible ? I cant seam to import any midi file…

Decided to ditch te DDJ-RB and keep the SB2. Both are very similar and pretty plasticy. Will buy proper gear in a few months anyway probably.

Hey Michal, did you figure out how to use the DDJ RB with Djay Pro yet?

im getting the rb and want to use serato with it. Is it possible to use the rb with serato?

I’m not able to map the DDJ-RB, are you planning to program native support? Because i love the spotify feature, but i’m not going to buy it if there is no native support

Hello guys, I just bought DDJ-RB. Can u guys help me map it with my djay pro?

Hi Lucas E,

3 weeks ago you forwarded the request for mapping of the Pioneer DDJ-RB. Did you got any response back already? I just got one Pioneer DDJ-RB for my birthday. Will there be mapping available for DJay-app for the IPad? Otherwise I need to change controler to SB2. Now I still can! It would be very helpfull if you can say if there will be mapping available or not. Therefore your customers know what they can expect.

Thank you in advanced!


Djj Fred

Is this offer above still applicable?

Thank you Anders! I really really like it. @Dean Tiwary. I tried with Windows 10. It works only not the headphone function. I send them an email. Do others have the same problem?

@Jean-Francois, Maybe you send them an email to so they will fix it. I would be very glad if the do that it.

@Anders will you do something regarding the headphone issue for with the DDJ-RB controller?

Did any one tried it with the splitter/split function?

DDJ RB needs to work with Djay pro asap pleaaaaaaaasee!!!

I wasn’t getting main output sound through the RB. it’s coming through the Mac speakers instead.
RB didn’t even show in the Main Output options in the settings.

Installed rekordbox, figured I needed a driver, which I downloaded after a quick google search, and now it’s up and running! Hope this helps someone else.

PS. The mapping worked great for me thank you @Jared!!!

Hi there. When will the Native Support for the DDJ RB be available?