Pioneer DDJ-RX Support For djay Pro - Mac

Can somebody from Algoriddim please clarify the support status for the Pioneer DDJ-RX for djay Pro as of July 2017?

People have asked about the plug&play, and MIDI mapping support for the controller since last year and still no information (besides the fact it is not listed amongst supported controllers on the website).

I ask because there are many Pioneer controllers that support control of djay Pro, and I am curious as to why the DDJ RX is not included, it’s very surprising, and also disappointing.

Is it an issue that can be resolved by Algoriddim or Pioneer?

It would be fantastic if it was supported in the next update / release.

Many Thanks

This is great to even have a response that it is a priority of some sort.

I know that there are many users that have bought DJ controllers and are unable to use them across all of their software to the desired requirements / needs.

My wish is to be able to use rekordbox for my main electronic music sessions, and djay for more accessible Spotify based, on the fly, random sessions.

Have to give credit to you guys at Algoriddim, the djay software has come a long way and continuously jumping in improvements, across all platforms you have released on.

Keep up the great work, and get that DDJ-RX native :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

O, and thanks again for the reply, means a lot for customers to have such feedback.

Hi There! Any update???

Any update on this Algoriddim?

Hey Michael Heaton,

I know this feels frustrating but be assured that the implementation has a high priority to us.
Your post got forwarded internally and I want to thank you for pushing the mapping.

We will let you know when there are news regarding the implementation.

Hey there,

the new djay Pro for Mac 1.4.4 is coming with full plug & play support for Pioneer XDJ-RX, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SZ2 DJ controllers!

Lukas E.

Hello @Lukas E
The Cue Monitor Active doesn’t work with the Pioneer DDJ RX for now…Do you have any solution to that?

…and for Windows? (also wrote the same question in a similar topic :slight_smile:

Hi Lukas, I’ve been really happy being able to use the DDJ-RR controller with Djay Pro 2. I discovered last week that the 1/4" booth outputs are not working. Do you know if that issue has been reported yet? I confirmed that it’s not a hardware problem by running my DDJ-RR with Rekordbox (Pioneer supplied software).

+1 on wanting to know when the DDJ-RX will be supported by Algoriddim for Windows.

+1,000,000 here. Utterly shameful to have such disparity between versions!

+1 also desperately craving for the RX Windows support !

+1 on wanting to the DDJ-RX will be supported by Algoriddim for Windows.