Pioneer DDJ SB - Algoriddim Vjay - Ipad air.

Hey DJs/Algoriddim

I want to do a setup with the Pioneer DDJ SB, Algoriddim Vjay and run it on the Ipad Air. Does it Work?


Hi Steffan,

The DDJ SB is not supported with vjay. By the way, here’s the list of our supported hardware.

Can i do a midimapping for the DDJ SB so it will work?

I’m doing it now for my SB and every thing works, only thing I am having trouble on is the TEMPO Pitch Fader…not sure how to midi learn that one.

I am using a Macbook Pro and DJay with an DDJ SB

ok found it, tempo is labeled as SPEED in Midi Learn under Turntable.

Hey Tom Somsanuk,

I’m trying to map my DDJ SB hardware for DJay. Are you able to send a screenshot with the mapping?

@Alexandre: Since our last update, djay Pro (our Mac software) natively supports the Pioneer DDJ-SB.