Pioneer DDJ SB2, No Sound from Controller, or Split Cue Functions

I am waiting like several others for Pioneer DDJ SB2 native integration. Thank you Miles for the current mappings. I cannot get sound from my SB2 and have to run output from my Macbook Pro. Also, the split cue (headphones) option is not working. I have tried the Griffen splitter from my Macbook pro, and changing the audio configurations in DJay Pro, but nothing seems to work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that you have to use either the Splitter Cable, or the Pioneer DDJ SB2. djay Pro can’t handle both at the same time.
In order to use your Pioneer DDJ SB2 as Audio Source, please

  • Disconnect your Splitter Cable
  • Go to the djay Pro Preferences > “Devices” > “Internal”
  • Choose the Pioneer DDJ SB2 for both, Main Output (Channel 1-2) and Pre-Cueing (Channel 3-4)
  • Click on “Apply”

I’ve mapped my XDJ Aero successfully but also having problems with audio routing. I’ve got the Aero selected in internal and external routing but deck 2 isn’t cueing or playing through the master only deck 1 is. Help!

I am using Miles mapping and have no issues with what you mentioned except I use the internal sound card in the SB2 for my cue headphones. Also running a Mac. All my settings in the Djay Pro settings i devices are all set to the SB2. It must be your settings.

Thank you! It took me a while to find the correct post. I will share this simple adjustment to all who need it. Thanks, Adrian!

Hey Adam - I have the same controller, and have for a couple years now. I might be in the minority, because I think its a great controller regardless of your level of expertise. I use it every weekend and it hasn’t failed me yet.

I’m going to assume you’re on a MacBook with djayPro. So, with that:

Quit djay Pro (if you have it opened)

Plug the provided USB cable from the back of your SB2, into the MacBook

Plug your RCA cables going out from the back of your SB2, into your M Audio AV32 speakers. Since each speaker has R/L channel RCA inputs, make sure you have Y-cables (one male RCA plug splitting into 2 mail RCA plugs). Send each y cable from the back of the SB2 to the speakers.

You with me? OK, good. You’re in the home stretch…

Open djay Pro. Now it SHOULD bring up a pop up screen letting you know it recognizes your connections. Default should be:

Main Output: SB2
Microphone: SB2

If so, click OK and enjoy. The Pioneer DJ logo should show up, letting you know its natively connected.

If it doesn’t give you any of these notifications, go to your Menu bar at the top:

djay Pro/Preferences. Click Preferences

Go to the djay Pro Preferences > “Devices” > “Internal”

  • Choose the Pioneer DDJ SB2 for both:
    Main Output (Channel 1-2)
    Pre-Cueing (Channel 3-4)

  • Click on “Apply”

That should do the trick. Also, make sure that cueing (the headphone icon is clicked ON in the software.

HMU if you have issues. We all have to learn by doing. You’ll get it!

When pre cueing, I only have audio coming out of my right headphone. How do I get it to come through both headphones?

Hello, do you still use the aero with djay pro? Is it possible to get the file with te mapping? Thnx

i could use the same

I still have this problem! I cannot hear ANYTHING from my headphones and I have connected everything and i see there is coming out sound on the controller. What is wrong???

A little different, but I am running DDJ SB2, HDJ500 and M Audio AV32 as a new beginners set up. Currently I am getting the same audio output from the headphones and speakers and cannot figure out why? Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi There
I have the Pioneer DDJ-RX Controller with DJPRO on a macbook. I plug my two speakers into the master out and then I can hear my earphones with the Master Cue, I have tried various settings to get the pre queuing working but nothing works … tried the different switches on each channel and volume etc …

Software I think I am selecting the right thing I have tried various things …

What should all the setting be set to ? any help would be appreciated …

I am on the DDJ SZ2 and having the same problem, but when I try mapping using the same (Djay Pro-Preferences-Devices-Main Output & Pre-cuing) my controller is not showing as an option. Help would be appreciated!