Pioneer DDJ-SB3: 3rd and 4th deck with Djay Prod on a MacBook

I use Djay Pro because of the Spotify integration, which works fantastic, although my DDJ-SB3 is designed for another brand of DJ software… But I would like to use the 3rd and 4th Deck option too, one of the reasons I bought this controller. How do I do this while using Djay Pro on a MacBook?

The DDJ-SB3 is a two-deck controllers, so you aren’t able to control four decks without additional MIDI hardware. There’s no reason you can’t use mouse/keyboard controls on the other two decks. You can see the shortcuts by going to the Help menu or pressing SHIFT + K.

Thanks for your quick replay: close but no cigar. Whit which I mean your reaction is not the amswer on my question, sorry.
The DDj-SB3 has the possibility to go from 2 desks to 4 decks in itself, so I do not need additional MIDI hardware. This is a funtion on the controller. I am looking for compatible software which should be part of Djay Pro, or atlast is going to be…