Pioneer DDJ SR2 just arrived but cueing doesnt work PLEASE HELP!

my sr2 came today but i can not get the headphones to work properly, is
this a known problem because theres just not enough options for configuring the sr2 inside djay pro for windows.

ive lost 2 hours messing about now, please help…


ive grabbed the “creators update” for windows ten and all the current updates too, ive got the latest driver from pioneer also. :frowning:

Ok I see you are having a issue with your sounds now let’s see if I can help
It can be your sound settings in your laptop disconnect the sr2
Now then go to your little speaker icon and left click on sound settings
Once you see the sound control panel should open up for you
Do this see if your settings have been changed or moved
See pics below for your guide to fix this issue

After you made the fix restart your laptop then first start djay pro when DJ is loaded wait at least till it’s fully loaded
Then connect your sb2
Please let me know if this was resolved

See instructions below this might help

ok ive been back and formatted my pc, reinstalled djay pro for windows, tryed the sr2 with standard windows drivers (didnt work), tryed it with pioneer drivers (same issues), tryed a work around with vb audio virtual audio asio drivers (pathetic)

it just doesnt work and now i want a refund, i am claiming under false advertising rules. where do i go from here?

its quite clear to me that you have labelled some controllers on your website as working and some as working but with issues indicated with a star and a brief description of what known issues there is.

the SR2 is stated as fully working with no issues or work arounds, it sadly doesnt and i have spent alot of money to find out. If you cant cue a track up in your headphones you cant DJ thats the bottom line.

now i want a refund and i want it quick, ill be going through this with microsoft in the next few days if you dont reply with all the evidence i have gatherd.

just to conclude this without making a song and dance about it, support admitted last night that the precueing does not work any longer with the pioneer ddj sr2 and djpro for windows 10.

the main algorythm website has been changed to reflect my findings and persistance.

im now persueing a refund via microsoft store and have returned the ddj sr2.

for anyone reading this looking to get into djpro my advice is to do it via ios or a mac operating system favoringg the mac personally.

how ever as i am not a mac or ios person my journey ends here with djpro.

Is it correct to say that precueing via the Pioneer Device does not seem to work ?
I read in some of the posts that you should use audio device from your PC.
The volume of PC is not loud enough to use this in “party” environments i am afraid.