Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Cuepoint time leds jogweel


Can anyone help me to acrivate the red leds in the jogweel for reading the cuepointtimes. When I uwe Serato DJ it’s working well. But I want to use Djay Pro for Mac.

Tnx Michel

Hey Michel,

are you referring to the LED meters of your controller, by the way which controller are you working with?

Cheers,Lukas E.


See topic, I’m using a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller.

The led’s that are not working in Djay Pro are the 4 red leds in the jogweel that indicates the cuepoint remaining time (countdown). When i set my controller leds to display slipmode the leds are working. Just when in cuepoint remaining time the leds won’t work.


Apart from enhanced sensitivity to the jogwheels themselves for lower latency and more accurate scratching (according to Pioneer DJ, at least), the centre displays of both jogs have also been upgraded to include red cue point markers and a cue countdown timer in the middle. These are visual aids that could be handy for scratch DJs, letting them maintain their focus on the controller (like looking at a record and a sticker you’ve placed on it as a marker) instead of having to stare at a laptop screen

See the red leds in the middle off the jogweel, when switching in slipmode the leds are working well, when switching to led cue point markers and a led cue countdown timer, the leds won’t work. In serato DJ it’s working both ways.

@Lukas E,

Can you please reply my question?


Please can you anser my question? It’s almost 24 days ago!!!