Pioneer DDJ SX2 Djay:mac mapping problem with track browser

Am I the only one to notice that the mapping for DDJ SX2 on Mac does not work well ?

It doesn’t show and hide the track browser when selecting your track then upon loading it.

Hi @jayneural,

Thanks for asking this in the Community.

Did you remap this controller yourself?

Is it not loading the tracks on the decks? In order to do so, you’d need to press the LOAD button per deck.

When you turn the Browse Knob, doesn’t the library open?

It would be really helpful if you could upload a video of the issue occurring so we can better understand this problem. You could upload it to our Dropbox Cloud folder or directly on this thread.

Thanks in advance for your time and collaboration.

Cheers, G

No I didn’t remap anything. I use the official mapping built into Djay.

I see can load tracks on the decks, however, it doesn’t behave well with expanding and hiding the Library view/panel when browsing. I would expect it to expand when scrolling in the playlists with the browser knob, then once the track is loaded to minimize to the bottom.

I have the issue on the Mac version only as the browse panel is quite different on iOS.

I’ve mentioned before the Music Browing and Midi Controls are terrible with the default mapping on the SX2.

My biggest gripe is that one you have added a song to the queue there is absolutely no way of navigating back to the queue using the controller commands alone!!

I’ve managed to remap quite a few of the commands so the SX2 performs better with the Midi commands for the music browser but the lack of some commands in the list of selectable Midi commands is unfathomable.

Some of the available commands that look ‘promising’, perform absolutely no function at all when programmed and pressed.

As I said, I’ve brought this up before but nothing has changed so good luck, hope you get better success than I did.

Just for reference the previous threads are here and here.

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