Pioneer DDJ Sx2 mapping

Does any one know how to map this unit to work on the new Pioneer DDJ SX2, or anyone have the mapping.

But it does not provide feedback to the controller.

The controller stays dark.

Pioneer did release a led protocol document.…

We’re happy to announce that djay Pro now natively supports the Pioneer DDJ-SX2!

Get yourself the latest update of djay Pro at the Mac App Store and check it out!

Please double check you’re running the latest Driver for the Pioneer DDJ-SX2, as well as the latest djay Pro update.

Why don’t the colours in the sample bank at the latest DJay Pro are mirrored at the DDJ SX2? The samples on my sample bank have different colours, but on the controller, they all look blue. It would make much easier to identify the samples, specially as they are not on the same layout (2 rows of 4 on the controllers and 1 row of 6 on the DJay Pro)