Pioneer DDJ-SX3 works well with Djay on Ipad Pro 2020?


I have previously used Reloop’s Mixon 4 with an Ipad Pro and Djay but I am considering upgrading to Pioneer’s DDJ-SX3 and use Djay on an Ipad Pro 2020. Does anyone have any experience from this setup and knows if it works well or not?

Thank you in advance!


I’d like to know too.

Hi guys,

The DDJ-SX3 is not natively supported on djay for iOS due to the controller not being iOS class-compliant. This means that you can have MIDI-control, but the audio (master and pre-cue) won’t work. You can find a full list of natively supported hardware in our FAQ.

This controller is supported on djay for Mac, make sure you install the necessary driver.

I use an iPad Pro exclusively and recently upgraded from a DDJ400 to
an SX2 - it’s natively supported by Djay, works great and can be bought for very reasonable prices on eBay!