Pioneer DDJ-WEGO4 map

It would be great if users of the Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3 could load the mapping of the DDJ-WEGO4. The way i see it, the main advantage would be that the filter would be availale on teh unit where the LOW EQ is on the WEGO3. Basically, the MID EQ is lost on the WEGO 4.

+1 but without losing the Jog FX

Talking of Jog FX, would be good to be able to pick between ‘Parameter’ or ‘Dry/Wet’ for what it controls. Adding fully wet effects can be…harsh.

Thank you for your feedback.

At the moment this functionality is not supported by the WeGo3 for iOS devices. Nevertheless i forwarded your feedback internally.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

the WeGo 4 is now officially being supported by djay Pro 1.4.1 for the Mac.

Have fun mixing,

Lukas E.

I’m looking for the (un)official midi mapping for my Pioneer DDJ Wego 4 at Djay Pro for Mac OSX.

Where can i download this?

Should be nice if the led around the jogs are also working, when a track is playing.…

Very nice! It is working now as it should!

Thanks in advance!!!

Hey, great! Thanks a lot.