Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 none of the neural mix or video fader controls working

Had the setup rigged at a club exactly as you suggest via USB. Two CDJ-3000s and the NXS2 were all connected to my MacBook Pro using the NXS2 as the mixer. The fader for the music on the NXS2 worked but did not mix the video fader (this was for a club with video)…and yes I made sure the video split was off AND NONE of the Neural Mix functions were mapped to the EQ like when I am on my XDJ-XZ or my Rane one. VERY UPSETTING NIGHT not being able to fully use the features I have come to love about DJ Pro. Please tell me what went wrong. I spent an hour before at the club to make sure everything would work, but it did not. Had to revert to my old school mixing skills. Please help.