Pioneer DJM A9 - Class Compliant

With the Pioneer DJM A9 being class compliant, who will be the first person to give it a go with Algoriddim on iOS?


after djm 900nxs2, finally a pioneer club mixer that’s class compliant. although, i still like xone 96 more.


Hey @Myalteredsoul @Danijel_Guzvic ,

Thanks for discussing this here in the Community.

What iOS device/version are you using? And what version of djay?

Asking since I can forward this info to our Dev Team and can keep you posted if we test similar setups with this controller.


Ipad 9th gen and IPhone 13 Pro Max. Both running latest iOS.

DJay 4.1.5

I’m guessing Xone is much more affordable too.

I still don’t understand the need for a controller in many cases when using djay.

I use an ipad pro, a scarlett 2i4, a wireless mic and my evolve 50m PA.

Simple, small, looks clean and is easy to move.

What are the situations when you use DJ software without a controller but with an external mixer? In most cases you could just use a local player.

I might be missing context but I’m the opposite - when wouldn’t you want a controller for DJing? So many things become so much easier and there’s just no replacing the feel of buttons and knobs which let you control stuff without looking.

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For weddings and corporate events I use djay pro ai on my ipad,
hdmi/power/usb adapter plugged into it, usb connected to scarlett 2i4. On
the Scarlett I cue using its headphone jack. I don’t split cue with a
3.5mm ipad output because I want main outs to be stereo. I’m pretty sure
when you split like that, you are left with a mono output, but I could be
wrong about that.

with this set up, I have no need for a controller because I do all of my
fading in a fx using my fingertips on the iPad. it’s easier to carry, and
I think it’s a much nicer look, more elegant .

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Most of my wedding clientele request turntables for aesthetics, so I couldn’t get away with this. I could see it working tho.

So you use the iPad directly as a mixer or controller - I think that’s a charming idea. But in fact “only” transitions work with it. A controller offers much more possibilities. But basically I like it when you do something differently than others expect.

I can also understand that well, I myself would also prefer to still play with turntables - but not if I have to bring everything to the gig myself, that’s just not worth the effort anymore in my opinion.

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@Myalteredsoul I would be thrilled if my clients asked me to use my turntables, but most don’t. It gets me thinking I should offer it more often in our initial consultation. I love bringing them out, except for the hassle of loading them in/out, cabling, calibrating, etc. I love having the option to play real vinyl and DVS too. It also reminds me of the time a kid at an event pointed at my turntables and asked what they were…

What possibilities does a hardware controller offer that djay doesn’t? I have an S9 and an XDJ-XZ and aside from the fx toggles on the S9, its crossfader for scratching (I typically don’t scratch at weddings) and the ability to quickly grab dials and faders on both units, I’m not sure that I would find myself wishing I had my hardware at most of the events I do. I’m sure there are little things I’d miss, but I can’t think of anything major.

I had one client specifically request them a few years ago. Now I show photos of all three setups (when discussing presentation and lighting) to let the clients choose what they would like to see.

First and foremost, what you describe: The ability to quickly access controls. Faders, effects, loops, cue points and more. You can also use all of this directly on the iPad, but you always have to switch to the corresponding view first. That takes time, has a higher risk of errors, and last but not least, you can’t use certain things at the same time.
If you’re just playing music and maybe just crossfading between tracks, that might be insignificant, but if you want to perform even a little more, it gets difficult.
I like the idea of being able to work with the iPad alone, and great things can be done with it too if you prepare yourself and also the tracks accordingly, and sometimes I do that too, just to show what’s possible, but generally I find look and feel of a controller better - for me, but also for the audience.
But of course it’s also totally fine if you see it differently. In the end, everyone can choose the way that fits best.

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I still have a question: Do you hear the sum through the headphones or can you route it to pre-listen only to the selected channel?

Wow, did this discussion ever get side tracked! :laughing:

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Still waiting on someone nearby to get the a9 so I can test it. :-p

What I hear in the headphones depends on whether or not I select the
headphones icon on the track in the software. It is not cue + master, if
that is what you’re asking.

I tried using ProDJ AI with the Pioneer DJM-A9 mixer and it doesn’t work. It’s not compatible yet for iOS when I tried plugging in with a USB-C to Lightning cable then change the Mixer Mode settings to external source and nothing registered.