Pioneer DJM-S11 IOS support update?

Hi @Emily

I am courius if there is any kind of news about the full DVS IOS support for DJM-S11.

I know about the workaround, but it would be supper nice to have a plug and play compatibility.Ty

I was wondering the same thing. I have an S11 but no longer have a computer/laptop in the same room as my turntables so the workaround won’t work for me.
fingers crossed for a fix!

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Hi All,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Unfortunately, this workaround is currently the only way to get the DJM-S11 working with djay Pro AI for iOS. That said, our team is aware of your feedback, and should things change to allow plug and play functionality in the future without need for connecting to a PC or Mac, rest assured we’ll keep you updated!

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Thank you for your kindly reply @Emily.
Does your team maybe have an ETA about when this should be fixed maybe?

I love the djay pro AI - it would be nice the leave my macbook at home and leave only with my iPad :slight_smile:

Please keep me updated.