Pioneer Opus Quad MIDI Mapping

Hi guys,
Since the pioneer opus quad supports midi mapping in Djay Pro 2, I wonder if anyone already created a mapping for it?

I wanted to use the mapping of the DDJ SZ for my opus quad, but this didn’t work…Is it possible to use an existing mapping of an pioneer controller as a base?

You cannot use the mapping of another controller as a base. Except maybe in the case of a MK1 to MK2 version of the same controller.

So, you will need to start from scratch for the Opus. Also note that the screen functionality cannot be added via your own MIDI mapping.

Ok, thank you for clarification. Does this mean that the waveforms won’t be displayed on opus?

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You’re welcome @Hansi. Yes, that is correct. No Algoriddim djay waveforms will be displayed on the Opus. As far as I know, Algoriddim has not been able to provide screen support for any of the existing Denon, Numark or Pioneer stand-alone systems or media players yet except the Pioneer CDJs. So, even if native support eventually arrives for the Opus, it seems unlikely they’ll have the screen working.

Virtual Dj can do this, they have all screens working with Opus Quad

I still did not manage to map my Pioneer Opus Quad in Djay Pro2 - if there is anybody outthere who can build a mapping for me - I would be happy to pay you for your support!

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