Pioneer wego 3 and djay 2 on android no sound output

No sound output problem

What Im using -
Pioneer Wego 3
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android vers 4.2.2)
Djay 2 for Android

Does anyone know why I can’t get sound coming out of the master output?
It detects the controller and I can see sound on the level meters in the app but there is no sound when connected to master output. Only way to achieve sound is by connecting from the headphone out on the S5 to speakers but the volume is low and this totally bypasses the master output.

Please help.

Hi Roger,

Thank you very much for your post!
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use an external audio interface with djay 2 for Android. This is due to technical circumstances.
But you can still use your headphone jack for standard output of your mix, or in combination with the “Split Output” feature and the DJ Griffin Cable to precue your mix.
You can get the DJ Cable here:

I hope I was able to help you!