Pioneer WeGo2 + djay2: root iPad speakers?

I am using the new Pioneer WeGo2 (latest firmware updated) with the latest Algoriddim djay 2 application (full version) on my iPad (iOS 7).

From many sides I have heard that it is possible to root the sound through the iPad speakers (in case when NO boxes are connected) – for example the official Pioneer DDJ WeGo2 introduction video states so:

How do I get the master output to my iPad speakers? As soon as I connect the WeGo2, my iPad instantly mutes itself out…


From what I have read, once the iPad/iPhone is connected to the WeGO2, all audio connections go through the Wego2’s headphone and RCA connections. Just get an external computer speaker or one of the rechargeable portable speakers and plug it in. Watch this for tips on a good portable set up for entertaining yourself.…