Pioneer Wego2 Trim remap

Firstly a massive thank you to the staff over at Algoriddim for bringing such an amazing app to the market. I got an iPad recently and then discovered DJAY and I’ve been mixing daily since… I took it to the next level and got a Pioneer Wego2. Only issue is that there’s no trim dial! You get 3 low/mid/high dials but no ‘master’ dial.

Would it be possible to add the functionality within the iPad app to map the trim dial (which is available in the app) to one of the physical hardware buttons? I’m thinking perhaps hold shift and use the platter to trim up/down.


Thanks for your feedback and support.

What exactly do you mean by “trim” or “master dial”? Are you referring to line faders or gain level?

Doh. Yes I’m referring to gain. That said not sure holding shift would be practical as altering the gain on both platters whilst holding down shift would require and extra hand or assistant. That’s just my 2 cents… :slight_smile: