Pioneer WeGo3 and Spotify Library Sync problem

I bought DJay app for my iPad to use with my WeGo3 because of the Spotify integration. On my mac. I loaded all my music to Spotify from iTunes. On my mac laptop, I made a play list that contained all music. I clicked download on Spotify on my mac. On my iPad, I also “downloaded” the play list. (I guess this is the use offline function?) On my iPad, using stand-alone Spotify, my music works fine. But when I open Djay and browse through the same library not even a quarter of it shows up. I have 560 songs synced on the stand-alone Spotify but when I open my library through the DJay… A lot of songs are missing or grayed out not able to be played/listened to. Is there any way of correcting this? I just want to have all my music from iTunes to all be on Spotify. I bought this app thinking everything will work and now it’s clearly not functioning at it’s fullest.

Hi Mike Hunt,

thank you for your post.
Pleas note that we are not supporting the offline usage of Spotify files. Please make sure that you are using the Spotify integration no matter if you are using djay at your iPad or Mac, while being connected to the internet.

Lukas E.