Pioneer xdj 700 or Denon LC6000

I’m looking for a pair of decks to use with my controller as decks 3 & 4. I am a long time DJ and have always used the Reloop Contour controllers for this in the past, but they are not supported by Big Sur.

As above, my question is which one would be best? I know both are supported natively in DJay Pro, but I don’t know what the screen does on the xdj 700. Is the touchscreen fully operational? I know this is a simple question, but I can’t for the life of me find a video or review that mentions Djay Pro functionality.

I like the look of the Denon machine but I think it’s vastly over priced for what it is. The jog wheel looks better than the 700 but I’m used to the smaller wheels of the Contour.

I’d appreciate any guidance.