Pioneer xdj rx

It’s over 2 years now and still, xdj rx doesn’t work 100% ???
For you guys its simple to make right?
I mean all the functions are working, the only problems is some LED lights doesn’t lid like ch1 ch2 from headphones, vu meter not correct, jog wheel LED and some effects on the mixer. For the rest, all is working fine.
Can’t you guys just atleast fix that and bring a beta mapping to the public?


What about for windows? Once you have it work on mac you should able push a controller update for windows. So many people wants it. Thnx

When will it be for windows? Not so hard take the mappings for windows right?

Hey there,

thank you for pushing the implementation. I forwarded this internally and we hope to import the controller as fast as possible.

Cheers,Lukas E. 

Hey there,

after quiet some time, we are very happy to announce that

djay Pro for Mac 1.4.4 comes with full plug & play support for Pioneer XDJ-RX, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SZ2 DJ controllers!

You are good to go after updating djay Pro.

Thank you for your patience.

Lukas E.

Should be awesome. But tbh your saying this for the past 2 years wile this controller is one of the best sellers. Am only gonna buy 5 licences for me and co dj’s if it works. Before that am sticking with pioneer dj. Thnx

Any news for the controller?

What is with the Pioneer XDJ RX2???
Is there a fully integration available yet?