Pioneer XDJ RX2 mapping?

is there already a mapping for the Pioneer XDJ RX2?


is there any news yet? if there is a mapping for the xdj rx isn’t it logical the 2 will follow? I’m considering buying the rx2 but it’s nice to now if it will fully function with the djay software…

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We will gather all upvotes and posts and will let you know when there are news.

But no suport for the display in Djay Pro 2 demo mode?


Release Notes
The history of djay Pro for Mac.
May 30, 2018
djay Pro 2.0.5
Added support for Pioneer DDJ-SB3, DDJ-SR2, DDJ-1000*, XDJ-RX2*, and Numark Party Mix

Yes when will this be available?

Please ADD the rx2 So i can use djay pro

is this question looking to get answered?

Please Djay, add support RX2 !!

Please provide support for the XDJ RX2!

Please allow mapping for XDJ RX2. I just ordered mine and look forward to being able to use it with your software.