Pioneer XDJ XZ not supported?

So I have seen previous posts saying that it is supported but it’s really not.

When using Djay pro with the XDJ XZ you will be able to use it on laptop only, there is no driver that works on iPad/iPhone for the XDJ XZ so when used with iPhone/iPad, it’s buggy and again doesn’t work as they claim

And as it really only works on laptop :computer: it’s still is not worth using due to the fact, stuff like jog wheel info is blank, the built in XDJ XZ screen is blank there’s no wave form track info like when used with serato , whilst using DJay pro, the mixer is not midi mapped to the controller, I was hoping this all would work cause it looked and sounded like the perfect app to use a iPad, and be able to use my technics with DVS along since my XZ controller and have everything linked together through Djay pro, it’s doesn’t, hopefully :crossed_fingers: in future this is all sorted out but for now I’d suggest sticking with serato untill these guys create something actually compatible with the XDJ XZ

Hi @MarcW_Music, welcome to the community. The official information about hardware support can be found near the bottom of the attached page. Note that you must select your Operating System first to see which hardware is supported on your specific OS. Not all hardware works across all OS’s.

In the case of the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ, it is currently only supported on macOS. Also there are some know limitations indicated at the bottom of the page.

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Only device manufacturer can do official drivers or make the device to be class compliant for iPhone/iPad.

So we need to push Pioneer to fix it…

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