Pioneer XDJ-XZ Support

Are there any plans on adding native support for the Pioneer XDJ-XZ in an upcoming release?  If not is there any mapping available for this unit as yet?

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EDITED 18.03.21:
I am sorry but mixed up the controller titles here, The XDJ-XZ is not natively supported by djay Pro 2 or djay Pro AI for Mac. I am very sorry for the misunderstanding and confusion caused.

Original post 04.2020:
Hi Leigh, The XDJ-XZ is natively supported with djay Pro 2 for Mac.Please make sure that you downloaded the designated driver for Ma c and you are good to go :slight_smile:

Hey Lukas, will we get waveforms on the display and effects bar on the side when in MIDI mode? Its quite annoyingon the RX2 that we cant see the effects bar. 

:mega: We’re happy to share that native support for the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ has been added in the latest version of djay Pro AI for Mac (version 3.0.9).

Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback and for your patience. Happy mixing. :headphones: