Pitch adjustment from 0 jumps to +2 or -2

This is really bugging me - the pitch control in DJay Pro sticks on zero briefly, and then the next increment jumps to either +2 or -2. From there I can adjust pitch in smaller increments (0.2), its only the 0->2 or 0->-2 that is a big leap.

Once it’s jumped from 0 to +2 or -2, I can draw it back down towards 0 in good small increments (0.2%). I noticed this using a Hercules MK4 with rotary controllers for the pitch, but then just using my mouse in the software I see the same problem. Using the rotary controller, I also see that the pitch sits on zero for two clicks of the controller.

This matters when I want to very gently increase the tempo of the current playing track. The jump from 0 to 2 is very (very) noticeable.

I’ve tried the Advanced Control Options, adjusting the Speed slider, but that just adjusts the increments overall, there is still a increment*10 jump away either side of zero point.

Any good advice would be really appreciated.


Hi, thanks for the reply. The only range I can see is on the MIDI advanced settings for the controller. Here’s a screenshot. It was on 100% (and jumps always 0-2% on first turn). On the screenshot I’ve shifted it slower but it didnt seem to make any difference. Also, it shows as Tempo on the MIDI settings, but Pitch on my MIDI mixer. So I may have the terms mixed up.

BTW, if I mouse over the tempo slider and scroll using the mouse scroller it moves correctly from 0 in 0.1 / 0.2 steps. If I try and move the slider by click-and-drag, or by turning the MIDI controller it jumps from zero straight to +/- 2%.

Any ideas?

Polite nudge… Any thoughts?

Hey IanA,

what is your pitch range?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hello Ian,

I duplicate this behaviour in DJay Pro and DJay Pro 2: if the tempo fader is controlled on a rotary encoder or on the mouse, it jumps from the centre 0 to +2 or -2, even if it becomes provides much smaller steps when starting at another value than 0, as if leaving 0 requested a peel force causing a jump to +2 or -2.

Lukas did not duplicate it as faders do not meet this issue, it happens only on encoders, as if Djay Pro has a virtual dead zone for encoders on tempo 0 position.

My workaround solution on DJ Console Mk4 is to map

  • Tempo on the EQ High knob,
  • EQ High on the rotary encoder,
    as follows:
    CC53: Target = Deck 1 - Action = Tempo - Control type = Fader/Knob
    CC58: Target = Deck 2 - Action = Tempo - Control type = Fader/Knob
    CC50: Target = Deck 1 - Action = High EQ - Control type = Rotary (01h/7Fh)
    CC51: Target = Deck 2 - Action = High EQ - Control type = Rotary (01h/7Fh)

With this setting, you must place your 2 EQ knobs on the centre position on the Mk4 before running Djay Pro.