Pitch and Play Implementation

Can we please implement Pitch and Play in the near future?
There have been a few suggestions that keep getting asked for time and time again and there doesn’t seem to be any section on them…

Key Lock default on is one of them…
I would really like to see Gain Kills also if possible…

Hope some of these suggestions can be implemented soon.

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Pretty sure my old ddj400 had pitch play… so the functionality does exist, I too asked for support on this a while back for the Rane one - but even if it could just be added via mapping it would be great

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Hi @maurizio_T and @Private_Repress,

Thank you for chiming in on these feature suggestions as we are aware that users would very much like to see them implemented into future versions of djay.

I will make sure to pass this thread along to the dev team so that they can also make note of the features in request.

Have a great day!

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