Pitch Bend on the Waveforms please. Please

Please make the pitch bend on DJay Pro for iPad work by touching the waveforms. I keep hitting the play/pause button with my fat fingers. The pitch bend buttons are too small. Make a button to switch between scratch and pitch mode. Then I can use the big waveforms to pitch bend instead of those tiny buttons. Please

Pitch bend directly on the waveforms would push the djay pro for iPad + Reloop Mixtour to heaven… Absolutely needed functionality! Please!!

Any news? I can only see huge benefits from this simple but powerful feature!

Agree with this. Pitch bend buttons are waaay too small. Would love to see pitch bend incorporated to the waveforms

Hi there,

could you tell us in which view you are using djay Pro?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you. It would be great if other users could upvote your thread in order to push the issue.

Nevertheless are you using a controller besides your iPad?

Lukas E.

I’m using 2 deck horizontal waveforms.


No. I don’t want to use a controller. I want to use just the iPad.

Download Cross DJ free and you’ll see how you can touch the waveforms and pitch bend. So easy.

I love DJay Pro but it’s ridiculous that pitch bend which is used a lot in mixing, is assigned to these tiny +/- buttons when you have a whole screen.

Also DJay Pro can not always get the downbeat to line up, even after I manually assign and edit the downbeat. So I have to manually mix in order to insure proper phrasing.

Then I have to pay close attention to the tiny buttons to line up the waveforms on beat.