Pitch Play with an external keyboard...

Hi Algoriddim…
Pitch Play is a very popular function nowadays by DJs with more musical ideas. Several controllers allow you to enter Pitch Play mode using your Pads, but in a very limited way musically speaking. Would it be possible to map an External midi Keyboard so that we can play a sample with more freedom and musical resources?
Before I had a Vestax PDX 3000 Mk2 but today I have a Reloop RP 8000 Mk2 that allows me to play a sample musically on the Decks, since it has the Platter Play mode where the tone of the sample is modified analogically by turning the platter. But when I’m using the Twelves Mk2 I don’t have this feature and that’s when I imagined having the possibility of using an external Midi Keyboard mapped accessing the Pitch Play mode in Djay. I can do this using Serato and playing “Pitch N Time”, as well as Traktor playing “Key”… But ultimately what I’m interested in is being able to play using my iPad Pro and my dear Djay Pro.

Hi @Fernando_Midi,

Thanks for sharing this interesting request, along with the detailed supporting information for how you’d like to use an external MIDI keyboard with djay in this way.

I’ve passed this suggestion internally to our Dev Team for future consideration, and I’ll update this thread with any news. Thanks again! :pray:

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