Pitch slider Pionner DDJ 400 used with iPhone Djay app

I may be being completely stupid here but when using the djay app on my iPhone for the DDJ 400 the pitch slider has to be on 0% on the controller itself and then moved in either direction to adjust the tempo of a newly selected track, the pitch won’t change if say the pitch slider is +2% or vice versa it has to be pushed back to the middle and then the tempo will change in either direction
Surely there is a way off turning this off so I can just adjust the tempo regardless of where the pitch slider is?

Hi there.

I haven’t found a way and don’t think it’s do-able.

The physical pitch control only affects the GUI Pitch Control at the point where the two are aligned and synced, you then have full control back.

If the two controls are not synced, as soon as you start moving the physical one on the controller, the GUI will show you two pitch controls on screen (one is slightly greyed out - that is the controller slider), when the controller slider is over the on-screen slider the two ‘link’ together, move in unison, and you have full control back.

So if your on screen BPM is at -2% and your controller is at +2% no amount of moving the slider will have any effect on the system until you move your physical slider back to ‘pick up’ the on screen one.

Until a software change is implemented what you want to do is not possible, mainly (IMHO) because if you had a track on -5% and you needed to increase the speed to +10, if your physical controller was already on +5% your slider would be at its maximum and the on screen deck wouldn’t be, hence why the two things have to be synced up to ensure that the max / min of the controller’s slider match the GUI and ensure proper performance.



Thanks for the reply.
I thought this may be the case, I did read somewhere else on this forum that you are able to do this with the Pro version of the app as I am currently using the free version.
Also I received this response from Algoriddim

‘Thanks for contacting the Algoriddim Support Team.

Could you please check that you are using the latest Firmware version on the DDJ-400?

Let us know if the problem persists then.‘

Not sure if this is just a generic reply or maybe you can actually do it in the pro version and that is the version they think I am using.
Very frustrating having to do this when I’m trying to mix but thanks again for your response

Hi @tomworn321, the Firmware ver.1.01 Update Improved tempo slider stability.

Are you seeing a translucent pitch fader when the DDJ-400 pitchfader does not match the one on the djay screen? This is the so-called “Ghost Fader” function. You can pick up the second fader by going to that point with the physical fader of your controller, without changing the tempo of the played song.

Let us know if the issue persists.

Hi @Guillermo

I’m nog sure you understand the question I have asked.
I would like to turn the ‘ghost function’ off
Is this possible?

Hi @tomworn321,

Yes, you can turn on/off the ghost fader (AKA Pickup Mode) in the djay advance MIDI settings.

For more information on the advanced MIDI mapping visit our FAQ.

Hi @Guillermo

I can’t seem to find this?

I have the free version of djay app I read somewhere you can only do this on djay pro?

Hi @tomworn321,

Yes, to use djay’s MIDI Learn feature, an active PRO subscription is required.

Hi @Guillermo

I have just signed up to djay pro but I am still unable to find this in the settings.
Does it definitely do this for the pioneer DDJ 400 and if so could you tell me where in the settings I could find this?

Hi @tomworn321,

In the Advanced MIDI settings. Slide the pitch-fader of your DDJ-400, and the editor will detect the correct MIDI note. Then just select the pitch-fader mapping and the window from my previous screenshot is shown.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Hi @Guillermo

Seems to be working now thanks for your help