Pitchlock on both decks...?

Hi Mods,

I have a question/suggestion…

  1. Hard to explain this but here goes…Is there a way we can lock the BPM then say move the pitch control on one deck & they both slow down or speed up…


Deck 1, Playing song at 128 bpm
Deck 2, Cueing 110 bpm song at 128 bpm…obviously fast.

Then sync the pitch faders so they both move simultaniously from one, so u can mix from the 128 bpm & move the pitch down to the 110 bpm, so then deck 2 is playing at the correct speed? I hear this on method of mixing on KissFM all the time, it sounds quite good as the fast song slows down then the next track is nicely blended in, as if the deck has been turned off…then boom the slower song is at the correct speed?

I think its called pitchlock on VDJ?

If this is not available at the mo, could it be considered for a future update?

Hi Nick,

This is currently not available but it’s a great idea.


We’re proud to present djay 2. This feature is now implemented in this new version. When both decks are in SYNC mode, moving one BPM slider also moves the other one.

Hi Warren,

This is a great addition, however i just tried it & this is what happens…

Im playing track 1, I cue up my next track, hit play in time with when I want to drop it (which is on beat), then when I press sync to sync the pitchlock, the track Im about to mix into skips to sync with track…ending up out of time with track 1…Do you understand…am i doing this correctly, or is there a sync overide or alternative pitchlock method without pressing sync.

The tracks i sampled with are KP & Envy - Shorty Swing My Way (Around 78 BPM) & Shy FX - Gold Dust (Around 94bpm) The idea is to speed up from the slower track to the faster track during the mix.



Exactly what I was after for exactly the same use case. No better way to switch from dance to r&b than this.

Please consider.



PS. Avid fan of DJAY for iPad and the reason I bought one in the first place!