Placing multiple beatgrid anchors in djay PRO 5 on Windows, possible???

I’m testing out current latest version on Windows (5.1.7917.0) and need some help with beatgrid adjustment please. Most of the time the Fluid Beatgrid feature does things perfectly by itself which is great, a big attraction of your product and the main reason I’m considering the switch from Serato.

However, for one track in my test selection, “Bangin’ the Boogie” by Rene & Angela Wimbush, the algorithm misses both the first bar downbeat and tempo, and I can’t seem to fix this using the editor.

The main thing I’m struggling with is it seems I can place only one anchor. I’m sure in the past I’ve succeeded in setting multiple ones, and the text in the dropdown in the editor says “Insert custom downbeats” [plural]

But once I’ve added that first anchor on the correct initial downbeat, I can’t add another one anywhere else before or after. If I hit the anchor delete button then the Reset button is disabled, so the two have exactly the same effect at this point. With the anchor present, the Set Downbeat button is also unavailable, removing the anchor brings it back to life again.

Is this a bug that has crept in on a recent update or am I just doing something wrong?

PS. did see the similar question here: How do I edit downbeat in multiple places in one track in DJay Pro? - Questions - Algoriddim Community Forums

But the screen grabs for the solution don’t match the new UI, at least not in the Windows version it seems

Edit: actually on a second look it is pointing to the same thing I’m using, just the dropdown on Windows for choosing First Bar / Anchor / Grid looks a bit different. What I note though is in that reply from @Slak_Jaw you clearly say “you can manually set multiple anchor points” so this does feel like a bug here

Yes, I encountered the same thing when I last attempted to add anchors. I posted about it here too, but it didn’t get much attention.

Ah here it is:

I’m convinced this worked for me when I was first playing around with the app the weekend before last. It looks like Microsoft Store did an update last Friday so speculating this is a bug in that version. In this article it is 100% clear that multiple anchors should work:

How do I use Fluid Beatgrid™ in djay Pro for Mac? – Algoriddim Support

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Hmm, but your report is from way before that update, so maybe I was dreaming it worked

The Rene & Angela track though is a little bit tricky as it’s presumably played live and starts with a fill that’s not on grid, and the first “one” is slightly early.

You can see here, the green line is the first kick, which is early. The shaded grey sections are where the beat actually is (or should be). The red line is where the first kick should be sitting.

This screenshot is from VirtualDJ.

I play a lot of live-drum boogie and uptempo soul cuts around house so this is a representative case from my library, although the Fluid Beatgrid algo gets it spot-on with the vast majority of them so I was a bit surprised by this one track being so far off. Fair enough to miss the downbeat but it’s nowhere near hitting the subsequent bars and therefore the bpm is way off. Without the ability to set more than one anchor the beatgrid is dead in the water.

Once it’s past that point, it’s a fairly constant 116 (with a little bit of swaying), so you could try setting the grid to straight, enter 116, line it up as best you can, then switch it back to dynamic, to cope with the slight variations.

Thanks for the input on this one @PKtheDJ.

Hi @mikeb187, this does indeed appear to be a bug. I don’t typically need to use anchor points so I’m not sure if this is a new bug or not. I tested the same track on my iPad and iPhone and can add as many Anchor Points as I want. However, on the 5.1.7917.0 Windows version I also can’t add more than one. Let me forward this to the engineering team to see what they think. I’ll report back when I have news. Thanks!

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Noice - ok will hang tight and hope it’s an easy fix. Your product is my favoured destination at this point so if this issue can be resolved then it will smooth the transition. Compliments to the whole team for what you’ve achieved overall with this 5.x release, it’s really moved the game forwards in the DJ software space.

Thanks for the positive feedback @mikeb187. Always appreciated!

Hi @mikeb187, the engineering team has resolved this issue and it will be addressed in the next djay release. Thanks!

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Hi @mikeb187, this has been addressed in the latest 5.1.5 djay release.

Works a treat, thanks for the fix :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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Good to hear. You’re welcome @mikeb187

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