Plans for better interactive library?

Today on djay 5 on Windows you cant really do anything with your individual music files. You can’t alter a tracks information, add color on tracks or map them to intelligent playlist.

Is this something the team are looking at?

Hi @djfredhaze,

Thanks for sharing your feedback in our community.

While we cannot share any specific features improving djay Pro’s library editor on Windows, we encourage you to share any and all feature requests in this thread for further consideration.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

I’ll add my 5 cents;

  • Add a color column in the library

This is a very handy tool to touch new music as you play it and make a reminder.
(Personal example how I use color)
Green for me means that the track is good, the crowd like it etc.
Yellow is a uncertain color, you dunno if the track is a good one or not, need to play it more.
Red total trash song, I don’t like it, the crowd don’t like it.
Blue This track works everytime, pure upcoming classic.

  • Most columns don’t have a purpose
    Rating, Date modified, grouping, sample bite, comments, composer
    These columns don’t serve a purpose. You can’t alter anything in the software. I prefer personally to change and add information in my DJ software, not use a secondary system to alter my library.

  • Label is not present in the columnlist
    You have it when you use streaming service, but not in your music collection.

  • Tracks information don’t update in Djay if you update the source file
    I added information to a track, but the new information did not get added in my Djay library, not even when I re-analyzed the song. I had to remove the the track and add it again to get the new information.

  • Closing thoughts
    There is much more, but my overall request is that you be able to alter information of your library directly in the Djay. It is very substandard as it is right now if you see the competition.
    For me the DJ Software does two primary things; It makes me play music with my Hardware, and it is a music database where I can organize, prepare and change information of my music for the next gig.

Thanks for reading

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Thanks for the details @djfredhaze. This is very helpful. I’ve passed this onto the dev team for consideration.

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I also feel, that the highlighted tracks don’t show up very clear. Would be nice to have a decent good colour to see the highlighted track in your lists too. :+1:


From me - cross-platform playlists would be a great QoL addition. It’s quite tedious that I have to manually move each song to Queue every time my set uses a combination of several platforms and local files. Using Queue instead of a playlist is not ideal. There are no customisation options for the view, sorting, it takes up the same slot as the ‘Match’ feature etc. so making any changes to the set on the fly is cumbersome

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Thanks for the additional feedback @Chris_Gibson and @unumi. I’ve passed this onto the dev team.


To clarify. Of course, I understand that you can move tracks to your Queue and then create a playlist from them in your collection. My problem with this is that it should be as simple as selecting tracks and using the ‘add to playlist’ option. Using Queue as a tool to transfer music between playlists is very unintuitive, requires extra steps and and makes you ‘waste’ your Queue window on something completely unrelated which is a little library management hell if you take requests or like to make changes to the set on the fly. :pray: