Plans to update loops?

With the advent of stems in most of the major DJ software, I want to revisit the loop section for djay Pro.

Allowing users to log into their Splice accounts to access the sounds and loops within Djay Pro. Using this would allow for more creative on the fly remixing.
It would also be good if the software could change the key of the one shots/loops individually and globally. A “Sync to Deck” button would be useful for quick matching. I use an iOS software called Launchpad that uses the filename to ”guess” BPM and root note.


Hi @djsupe,

Thank you for your post!

These are great suggestions and I see how they can be both useful and allow for more creativity with djay!

I will be happy to pass these along to our developers for future consideration and be assured I will reach back out with any updates!

What is a splice account? Anyway, whatever it is, certainly being able to add custom loops to Looper would be awesome. I also find that it sometimes goes out of sync, so a resync button is an excellent idea too.

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