Play Count / Last Play Date

Store this information and make available in the playlist view.
This is information is available in iTunes and is super important to allow DJ’s to mix up the music based on how many times & when tracks were last played.
This should be simply to implement as well - being a developer I can envisage what’s involved.
Guys, please comment / highlight if you think useful.

Is additional iOS music data available in later iOS versions - e.g: upcoming iOS 12? thanks

Hey alex,

thank you for your feedback. We are aware that further sorting metadata would be great, but at the moment we are limited to the data we get from the iOS Music application.
Will keep you posted about further updates on this.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi, i just bought djay pro 2 for mac, and i’m super trill to see your software evolve :slight_smile:

you talked about the iOS version and i totally believe the iOS limitation.

but is there a way in the OS X version to have play count ? or you keep a uniformity across each platform?